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Publ-x e-Learning with Web Conferencing

Publ-x e-Learning with Web Conferencing allows you to conduct live web presentations and on-demand sessions. While our application has a special focus on e-learning this is also the perfect tool for conducting web conferencing with 50 people or less. This application has a built in email tool with group management, and the ability to create, deliver and track surveys. The end result is detailed reporting base on your surveys and exams. The reports display information based on groups, individual, specific session and specific surveys and exams.

Develop the Presentation

Start by creating the content you want to present to your audience. In most cases people show a PowerPoint presentation. At this point you should also draft any surveys or quiz question you want to ask during the presentation. You'll insert this information after you have uploaded your presentation to our server. You can visit live website with your viewers, so think about any URLs you might want to incorporate into your presentation. If you are going to create an on-demand session you'll need to record the audio and upload the files during the next step.

Also gather any other content such as video clips, Flash animations, or prerecorded application demonstrations, to support your presentation.

Publ-x e-Learning with Web Conferencing also has the built in ability to host and delivery on-demand lessons, seminars or general sales presentations. If you are creating an on-demand session our application enables you to synchronize audio files to your slides and add text notes to each slide.

Insert Surveys and other Media

Now access the application through your custom portal and upload your content to your library. Once your content is in the library you'll see a thumbnail view of all your slides. At this point you can create and insert surveys, tests, and add URLs and graphics.

You can also add animation and video clips. This type of media is supported by our application; however you'll need to contact us to incorporate the media in your presentation.


Now you're ready to invite the guests. First choose whether you want the lesson to be delivered live or on-demand lesson. Then use the integrated e-mail tool to create and manage groups of students and send out your email invitation. At this point you can also post files for the students to download prior to the lesson.

Live Hours not Seats

Most web conferencing companies require you to purchase a number of licenses or "seats" to conduct live web meetings, conferences or learning sessions. Our application is different in that you purchase time in a block of 50 hours, 100 hour, 250 hours or any combination. With this approach you can have a 1 hour meeting with 30 people once week and a 1 hour meeting the next day with 3 people. The number of hours you use is deducted from your account. This approach eliminates the problem of paying for seats or licenses that you don't always use.

Deliver Live and On-demand

After the guest creates an individual username and password, access is granted to course application. (Because the online application is browser based the viewer can access the calendar from any computer; no special software is required and is firewall friendly.) At this point the guest can download any files you posted, access an on-demand session when it's convenient, or access a live session at the appropriate time. Live presentations require a telephone so students can hear the instructor talk. (If you need to record a live session please see the Web Recording section.) Text chat is also available for the Guests to the Presenter. On-demand presentations can contain audio files and/or text for each slide.

Track Results

Any survey or test results generated during either a live or on-demand session are recorded into our application. During a live session and on-demand sessions you and the participants see the results immediately. After a live session you can view reports for specific participants, see overall results of a group of people, or see overall results of a particular quiz or survey. The charts are easy to read which make it easy to notice any learning gaps or trends. See the e-learning workflow section for more information regrading training delivery.

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