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Web Presentation Use

We offer several efficient and cost effective ways to use web conferencing. With our web conferencing system you don't purchase fixed number of seats to conduct your live web meetings. You choose the number of hours you want to use and then use the time as you want. Also you can use your existing PowerPoint files for your presentations.

Web Meetings

Present your ideas during a web meeting by using your existing PowerPoint presentations. If you need to track the action items of the individuals attending the meeting you can insert an short answer form directly into your presentation. When you reach that slide each attendee would enter their action item into the short answer form they see on their browser. After the meeting you have a record showing the owner of each action item.

Demonstration for Sales Staff

With our application you can incorporate Flash animation and video clips. If you need to introduce a new product to your staff you can actually show them the application and itís benefits. Or if itís a physical product you can show the product in action by incorporating a video clip or animation into your presentation. (We provide services to create Flash animations and video clips. Incorporating video or animation files requires our assistance to insure the smallest and best looking image.)

Interactive Seminars

Invite prospects for product explanations and demonstrations. And while you have them online you can conduct surveys and see results immediately. You'll also have a report you can access immediately after the session. If you need to explain a complex topic or want to show your product in action we specialize in producing interactive animation, and video for your presentation. We can record the live sessions for you and post them to your calendar via your custom portal for other attendees to view at a later date. All surveys in a live session also work in an on-demand session. The results from the on-demand session are complied with the results from the live session.

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