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Our Hosted Learning Management solution makes e-learning development, deployment and management easy.

Our online application Publ-x e-Learning with Web Conferencing allows you to deliver live or on-demand presentations to your sales force, prospects, resellers or employees. By using your existing PowerPoint application you can deliver content via the Internet. Our online application is easy to learn, allows you to capture useful data, and provide immediate feedback.

Features Benefits
Use existing PowerPoint files & Presentations Subject Matter Experts and Instructional Designers can quickly create presentations and lessons by using PowerPoint or other presentation applications. Presenters can reuse previous presentations and build new ones from existing content already uploaded to the server.
Integrated email tool Create, edit and manage lists of people and create individual groups. All you need is a Web browser and Internet connection.
Thumbnail View of Slides See a layout of your entire presentation and insert quizzes, images, surveys or web links.
Insert surveys The online tool makes it easy to create a survey so you can gather feedback from your presentation.
Visit Live Web Sites Easy to incorporate live website into your presentation or training session.
Track Survey Results Review and analyze feedback to help make informed business decisions.
View Reports View reports at anytime. The visual representation of the data makes it easy to see important points.
Embed Rich Media Allow the Viewer to have a better understanding of complex topics, products or ideas by showing animations or video clip. (Inserting animation and video clips require assistance.)
Flexible Number of Attendees Purchase hours instead of seats or licenses for live sessions. This allows you to have 2 to 50 people in one session. This way you are not paying for any empty seats, instead you pay for the hours you use.
We Host the Application For companies who do not have an IT department its easy to setup your account and conduct your first web presentation and manage all the data. For busy IT departments, this is also a timely solution.
Content Management Each presentation is an individual module. Reuse your modules for different groups of people. You can update the survey or live web links with each module.
System Management As an Administrator you can assign the following permissions to access the system: Manage, Publish, Invite, Present, and View. You have total control on who can access information.

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