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Web Conferencing Overview

Our company, Pangaea Multimedia Communications Corporation, offers a web conferencing solution with a special focus on e-Learning. Publ-x™ e-Learning and Web Conferencing gives you the benefit of delivering live or on-demand sessions from one system. The core of the application allows you to manage your content, deliver the content, and generate reports about individual or group results. Any quiz or survey taken in the live session can be compared to the results of the same quiz or survey taken in the on-demand sessions.

You can use your existing presentations software, such as PowerPoint® to create your sessions. Then use our online application to create and insert surveys, live web links and other media.

Publ-x™ e-Learning is your online Training Management and Delivery system. This means you can organize your sessions, track survey results, and generate reports. And because the application is browser based, you don't need any special software to access your system or deliver live presentations. This firewall friendly application allows you to access Internet to manage and conduct live web presentations or on-demand sessions. See the Application/Features section for more application deatails

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