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If you need a custom e-commerce website we have the foundation and backend tools to fully implement and produce an ecommerce solution. We have worked with clients to evaluate a situation and produce specifications that meets their needs and budget. If you need help setting up a merchant account we can guide you through the process or setup it up on your behalf. And finally, we’ll create the front end that your customers will see and a backend that you can use to generate reports and analyze transactions and buying trends.

Web Application Development

We perform custom PHP web programming to develop tools to manage and administer web sites. If you need to manage large amounts of data, users and content an online solution is very effective and efficient. The final solution can reside on our secure servers or we can install the final application on your server.

Read our Web Application Case Study to gain some insight on how one customer migrated from a paper and mail process to a completely automated process. Our solutions are driven by Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These are open source application which means you do not have to pay high licensing fees if we install the final solution on your server.

Interactive Programs

With our programming and production expertise we can develop interesting and useful interactive CDs or DVDs. These CDs or DVDs can work as a stand-alone product or have links to the Internet or your Intranet. And once the CD or DVD is complete we can provide the packaging and replication.


We can help you produce interactive educational courses or promotional pieces on your next CD-ROM or DVD project. We can provide the design or use your design. We can shoot and edit any video you might want to use, or use existing video. What it comes down to is that we can repurpose anything you have or produce everything from scratch to produce a CD or DVD that meets your objectives and budget.

We also offer hybrid CDs. A hybrid CD works as stand-alone interactive presentation. The CD can also have links to the Internet. With links to the Internet you can provide updated information for the user. If you are running a marketing campaign you could track the number of hits you have had on that link from the CD you mailed.

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