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3D Animation

If you need your CAD drawing animated we can produce the files you need so you can incorporate the product animation in to your presentations. Or if you need anything created into an animation file we can produce what you need.

Application Demonstration

We can assist you in creating the application demonstration you need for your presentation. Or we can produce them for you. Let us know what you need and we’ll work together to produce a solution.


When you need video or audio files for the Web we can produce the high quality Real, QuickTime or Windows Media files that you need. This means you can produce that traditional video and go straight to the Web. These videos can reside on your Website and be delivered via standard Web servers (http servers). These types of files are called progressive download and can be used for seminars on-demand. We can also produce the true streaming files that will reside on your QuickTime, Real or Windows server. If you need video or audio on the Web, we can talk to you about your options and deliver the solution that makes the most sense to you and your audience.

Video Production

Our background began with video production and training development. Video productions led to interactive CD-ROMs. Interactivity led to the Internet. Whether you need a video of your CEO, product, or application demonstrations, or you need video of your theater presentation at your next trade show, we can produce the video you that suits your budget. We can shoot and edit video in any format. Using our digital editing system, we can produce a master tape or create digital files to be incorporated into your Website.

Single and multicamera

We have been shooting video for almost two decades. Whether you need one camera to shoot a simple table top video or a talking head, or you need many cameras to shoot a large corporate event, we can provide a cost-effective solution. By using our experience in the field we can help you produce a professional looking video that will stay within your budget.

Post Production / Editing

After you shoot video with us or if you have a stack of tapes that need to be edited into a coherent program, we can use our editorial experience and professional online equipment to put together your next video. We can shoot and edit in any type of format: BetaSP, DVCam, MiniDV, and S-VHS. These videos can be delivered on traditional VHS tape, or could be incorporated into an interactive CD-ROM or DVD. If you need to use the video on your Website, we can also provide the files that you need.

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