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Conference Services

One-Stop-Shop for your Conference Needs

Our conference services give you one place to organize, prepare and deliver your conference. We can work with you from the initial planning stages and creative concepts through the actual event. Or we can work with you on specific parts of the event. We have years of experience in producing and delivering large events and managing all the details.

Conference Planning

  • Creative and event consultation
  • Meeting planning / coordination
  • Website for submission of proposed abstracts, white papers, contact info, and bios
  • Submission of presentations or technical documents electronically
  • Electronically manage your sources
  • Scheduling of events
  • Booking of attendees

Pre-conference Preparation

  • CD handouts of conference material
  • Presenters can upload files for CD or Internet distribution
  • Prepare handouts: pens, bags, shirts, custom items & packages, kit assembly

Conference Event

  • Direct event and rehearsals
  • Set up stage and lighting
  • Audio and large screen video support
  • Incorporate live video onto the large screen
  • Audio and video recording

Post Conference Sales

  • Materials on-demand
  • Content searchable electronic handouts
  • Reference tools
  • Pay-per-view archived sessions for the individual or corporate license—generate after-market revenues by providing electronic access to presentations on-demand.
  • Synchronized slides and audio
  • Video, slides, animation and software demonstrations
  • CDs, Video, Audio Tapes (learn more)

Archive to CD-ROM

  • Playback presentation from a CD-ROM with the presenter's voice and synchronized slides
  • Electronic catalog of presentations and white papers
  • Archive all presentations to one or more CD-ROMs
  • Sell CD-ROMs to those who could not attend the conference or who want a record of the conference for fellow employees

Archive to Internet

  • Record session with audio and synchronized slides
  • Host session on the Internet for on-demand viewing
  • Charge non-attendees a site license or pay-per-session viewing
  • Electronic catalog of presentations and white papers for download

Archive to Audio Cassette

  • Record sessions to audio tape
  • Immediate high speed duplication on location
  • Attendees walk away from the conference with the session they ordered

CD, Video and Audio Tapes

Each of the following options is based on a CD-ROM which includes all of your conference proceedings: white papers, presentation handouts, and other materials. (For some materials this can prove to be a more useful and a lower cost alternative or supplement). After your conference the actual proceedings can be added to the CD in the form of synchronized audio and slide presentations or video, thereby making your programs available to those who were not able to attend. All Options Include:

  • Development of CD-ROM
  • Master CD-ROM
  • Mac/Windows Cross-Platform - unless otherwise specified
  • Inclusion of Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Inclusion of Auto Start Files
  • Testing of all links and custom functionality
  • Mastering and submission of a test CD for comment and approval
  • Quality Control of all custom work
  • Conversion of all source materials from approved format to electronic Acrobat Reader format for distribution
  • A pre-defined scope of work including the number of screens, menu options, graphics and conversions
  • A list of time and material rates for any change of scope beyond the initial contract
  • A pre-arranged schedule for the delivery of the test CD, printing and replication of final copies

CD-ROM Development - Basic Package

  • Conference Proceedings' white papers and/or slides--basic package
  • Conversion of all source materials to Acrobat format
  • Creation of a custom opening screen/menu with links to Preface and Appendices
  • Creation of an exit screen with required credits and logos
  • Creation of links to the main menu, table of contents and Acrobat's content search within each file
  • Adaptation of Table of Contents to activate as hot links
  • Construction of an index and activation of Acrobat search capabilities
  • Links to organization's Website
  • Inclusion of Adobe Acrobat Reader® on the CD-ROM

CD-ROM Development - Deluxe Package

  • Conference Proceedings' white papers and/or slides - Deluxe package.Includes everything in Basic package plus:
  • Custom Table of Contents by Schedule / Track / Title / Presenter Custom search engine
  • Bookmarks within each Acrobat File for maximum search flexibility and cross referencing

CD-ROM Development - With Audio

  • Conference Proceedings' white papers and/or slides--with Audio.Includes everything in Basic and Deluxe packages (may require Deluxe) plus:
  • Speaker's audio and slides from selected (or all) presentations are synchronized so that the user may sit back and listen to the presentation while viewing the slides, all changing at appropriate times, all accessible through a presentation menu.
  • Speaker's audio presentation is laid over a slide presentation without automatic synchronization or slide changes. It is the user's responsibility to navigate through program, allowing them to proceed at their own pace.


It may be necessary to go from a single CD-ROM to multiple CD-ROMs depending on the number of presentations and the amount of audio. Depending on the quantity of presentations, production cost may vary to minimize cost. Video costs can be eliminated by using your personnel to sit in during presentations and take careful notes for slide changes.

Additional Options which can be applied to any package:

  • Advertising for Sponsors - used to promote sponsors of conference or CD-ROM, with an advertising message and a link to their Website
  • Promotional information regarding upcoming conferences including links for registration, submission of abstracts, hotel arrangements, etc. Order forms for those interested in purchasing CD-ROMs, tapes, videos or other publications
  • Surveys for attendees, presenters, or any others
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall, with presentations or materials on a "paid" basis by Exhibitors
  • Links- Web links to associated organizations, etc.
  • Members list, with contact information and "hot" links to Web pages
  • Custom opening montage - typically video or photo stills with music showing an overview of conference
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