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As an e-learning development company we can quickly get your employees learning online. (See our e-learning workflow section for more information.) Just let us know the problem you need to solve and we will work with you to develop a successful e-learning strategy using our online application. Some strategies take the form on simple on-line prerecorded presentation with a few quiz questions. Other strategies involve a blend of media to solve the problems. The blended learning approach could involve pre-course work such as viewing a PDF file, or access to interactive CD-ROM or DVD, all the way to live and on-demand sessions through a company branded portal. Our experience in instructional design, producing interactive course materials, delivering live and on-demand training, and gathering data to produce useful reports will insure your success. To top it off our integrated Learning Management System (LMS) is affordable and easy to use.

Rapid E-learning

Rapid e-learning allows you get the training out quickly and cost effectively. You can develop content using PowerPoint or other presentation software. Just create the lesson and upload to our secure server. Then insert quizzes and post for viewing. Learning a course development application is not necessary. You can use your own tools and your instructional design experience. Our system allows you to deliver and track the effectiveness of your course design. You also have the option to record live sessions and then deliver that presentation as an on-demand session at a later time. You can create the on-demand presentation or we can produce it for you.

New Product Introduction

With a new product introduction event you may be more concerned about enrollment, not necessarily quiz scores. You could invite your employees to view the new rollout. Conduct a live session, record it, and post the recorded session for people who could not attend the live session.(If you need to record a live session please see the Web Recording section.)

Sales Training

Need to record completion of your Sales Training initiative? If the information is business critical then you'll need to know the Sales Staff understands the material. By using our online e-learning solution you can upload your presentation to our servers and incorporate quizzes directly into your presentation. Then you have the option of conducting a live web presentation or creating a presentation for on-demand viewing. Either way the Learning Management and Delivery System (LMS) records who has attended. Publ-x e-Learning with web conferencing also generates reports for individual students and overall class results.

Major Business Transformations

When you institute a major business transformation you need to deliver a consistent message to hundreds or thousands of employees and track who has accessed the information. By using our online e-learning system you can easily see who has accessed the information.

Integrated Assessments

When your training demands assessments our application gives you the data you can use. You can view class results at a glance, individual answers to questions, or class answers to individual questions.


In any of the situations listed above you can use Publ-x e-Learning with Web Conferencing to deliver your training either live or on-demand. Both methods allow you to track attendance records and display detailed reports regarding surveys and tests. The reports display information by individuals, groups, events or by specific surveys or exams.

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