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Learning Management System and Delivery

E-Learning benefits come from the ability to track the progress of your students and provide easy access to your lessons. The e-Learning features listed below give you the power to easily track the information that is most useful and deliver your lessons live or on-demand.

With the Publ-x™ e-Learning application you can use your existing PowerPoint application to create your content. Then use our online application to insert quizzes, invite students, and track student or group progress through a series of lessons. The e-learning workflow section has more information.

Features Benefits
Existing Content Use your version of PowerPoint or other presentation software to create your lessons. Attach content to the students’ calendar for easy download of supplemental material.
Learning Management Manage the student population. Evaluate student and group progress. Easily see learning gaps. Control different levels of permissions so individuals only access the appropriate information.
Incorporate Rich Media Content Visually complex subject matter becomes easier to comprehend with video or animation.
Instant Feedback Instructors can instantly measure student progress and students can learn from mistakes.
Assessments Create assessments with our online application. Incorporate quizzes or tests directly into your lesson. Easy to incorporate. Easy to make changes.
Scoring Students and instructors see scores immediately. Feedback helps learning.
Tracking Continue to monitor progress and look for learning gaps.
Reporting See instant reports on a particular student, course or group. Assess student progress and track performance.
Live Sessions Receive instant feedback from your students. Record a live session at the same time and use the live session as on on-demand session to free up the Instructor’s time. (Live sessions are limited to 50 connections per session.)
On-demand Sessions Facilitates learning any time from anywhere. Present information once and repeat endlessly all the while tracking input from viewers.
Unlimited Students The number of simultaneous connections to the on-demand session starts at ten connections. However, you could have an unlimited number of students registered to access on-demand sessions.
System Management As an Administrator, you can assign the following permissions to access the system: Manage, Publish, Invite, and View. You have total control over who can access information.
Content Management A web session is a self-contained module. You can reuse these modules in their entirety with the option of updating the content, quizzes and live web links.
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