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Founded in 1944, ASTD is the world's premier professional association and leading resource on workplace learning and performance issues. ASTD.org provides reports, and various links related to learning. It is also a e-community for the training professionals. They host TechKnowledge® Conferences and Expositions along with other conferences.


This is ASTD's online magazine about e-learning. Contains a wealth of articles, links, reviews and even a Try It free section to demo products.


Great list of publications pertaining to e-Learning tools and architecture, product reviews, and how tos. The "Shoot Out" results under Free Resources is a handy page to review how companies performed during trade show head-to-head competition.


NThis site contains links to thousands of selected and reviewed e-learning articles, reports, examples of best practice, vendors of e-learning products and services, as well as e-learning conferences, seminars and workshops. Very well done with many, many links to useful resources.

e-learning guru

This site was started as a way to offer the e-learning community practical information in a plain-language format. This site contains How To articles, templates, calculators, white papers, book summaries and links to many learning resources.


This quote comes from The ELearning Guild website, "The eLearning Guild is a Community of Practice for designers, developers, and managers of e-Learning. Through this member driven community we provide high-quality learning opportunities, networking services, resources, and publications.".

eLearn Magazine

Content from this site comes from News and Features written by professional journalists with expertise in education and technology. Columns and tutorials are written by industry leaders and stars of academia.


elearningpost is an intelligent digest of daily links to articles and news stories about Corporate Learning, Community Building, Instructional Design, Knowledge Management, Personalization and more.


A model on how all the elearning pieces fit together. List of elearning resources

Internet Time

General information on learning. The "Jump Page" leads to many resource sites about learning. A handy site.


A site with endless and useful links pertaining to learning, productivity and creativity. They have a small team of consultants, speakers and writers.

Learning and Training Innovations

ltimagazine is Learning and Training Innovations. This site contains industry news and an extensive Buyer's Guide.

The MAISE Center

The MASIE Center is an international e-lab and ThinkTank. The Center is dedicated to exploring the intersection of learning and technology. This is the home of conference "TechLearn"

vnu expositions

List of learning conferences, expositions and news letters. Also other resource links about learning. Vnulearning.com is part of VNU Inc. which is a leading global media and information company.

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