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Our company, Pangaea Multimedia Communications Corporation, offers an e-learning solution that allows you to create, deliver and track results from your live web presentations or on-demand lessons. Whether you are a Chief Learning Officer, Instructional Designer, or Manager of Sales, Publ-x e-Learning with Web Conferencing can help you get your employees up to speed on new information quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

You can use existing presentations software, such as PowerPoint, and your instructional design experience to create your lessons. Then use Publ-x e-Learning with web conferencing to create and insert quizzes, live web links, and to insert other media. Our e-learning workflow section has more information.

Think of Publ-x e-Learning with Web Conferencing as your Learning Management System (LMS). It provides the features to organize your courses, track student progress, and review results. Additionally, it delivers your lessons live or on-demand. And because the application is browser based, you don't need any special software to access your training modules, or results. All you need is access to the Internet to manage your lessons and offer live and on-demand web presentations.

We made learning online straightforward for the managers, content providers and students.

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