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Publ-x™ e-Learning with Web Conferencing

Our hosted Learning Management and Delivery application makes e-learning development, deployment and management easy and affordable.

Our Publ-x e-Learning application provides the ultimate control in permissions and reporting for web-base e-learning and web conferencing. Now you can quickly see detailed reports regarding attendance, survey feedback, group and individual quiz scores.

Manage Presentations

  • Control Permissions for Content and Users
  • Library and Management of Content
  • Online Quiz and Survey Authoring
  • Live and On-demand Sessions
  • Measure Results with Detailed Reporting


Features Benefits
Upload your completed presentation as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® (.PPT file), or a Adobe® Acrobat® (.PDF file) for automatic conversion and incorporation into your Library of content.

Build a presentation from images (such as .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG files)

Revise your existing materials!

Build content with your existing tools!

No plug-ins are required, no need to purchase licenses or special software.

Presentations are based on slides or a combination of slides, documents, images, web pages and other rich media elements.

Add links to web pages Ideal for leading participants through live web sites.
Add quizzes into your presentation Embedded questions allow you to track student understanding.
Add surveys into your presentation Gather audience feedback including valuable marketing information.
Set content expiration dates Easily ensure viewer and presenters are not using out of date material.
A complete quiz and survey creation section No need to purchase an extra application or buy licenses.
Build On-Demand modules Without any programming knowledge you can create and deploy training modules for viewers to access at their convenience.
Add prerecorded audio to your On-Demand presentations. Recorded audio delivers a consistent message and supports the visual message.
Add or edit text to your on-demand presentation for the viewer to read.

Ideal for Transcriptions or Presenter Notes

Give the viewer the option to read the text as an alternative or supplement to the audio.

Deliver Content

Features Benefits
Live Events
Integrated email tool for invitations Web-based email tool gives you secure access from any computer when you need it.
Invite up to 50 people for live sessions. By purchasing time instead of seats, you only spend money on the time you use. No need to pay for expensive one time usage fees if you only have a specific number of licenses, but want to invite more people.
Integrated Calendar to access live events The events the attendee or presenter are invited to are the only events they see. No confusion about what event to attend.
Present quizzes and surveys you created while you were in the Library feature. Gather information from your audience.
As a presenter see instant quiz results. Gather information from your audience. Access and review all quiz scores after the session.
View information about past live events. Quick visual of history of past live events.
On-demand Events
Invite unlimited number of people to on-demand sessions. Base the number of people you allow in simultaneously on your need for a few or many concurrent connections. No need to buy specific licenses for each person accessing the content. Start with 10 concurrent connections. If more people need to access the on-demand presentation at the same time, you can purchase any number of additional concurrent connections on a yearly basis.
Access to a list of on-demand modules with descriptions. Convenient on-demand access for the Viewers to watch and/or listen to sessions. Access to quizzes and surveys. Quiz results are given immediately to the Viewer for valuable learning feedback.
Access to either live sessions that were recorded or “staged” presentations. Deliver a consistent message.
Users with 'Manage' or 'Invite' permissions can see any events within their department or events that they have created. Easy access to review previous presentations
'Manage' or 'Invite' permissions can also choose to view events that have expired, possibly by selecting 'last month', 'last 3 months', 'last 6 months'. Easy access to a history of presentations

Get Results

Features Benefits
Reports - User History
Attendance history reports Viewers can see a record of presentations attended.
Quiz/survey results history Viewers can see a record of all quiz scores
Locate information about groups of users in an expanded Manager view. Someone with Manage permission can quickly review information based on a group of users.
Reports - Live and On-demand
Attendance reports grouped by live or on-demand event indent Keep a record of when viewers logged into and out of live events. Keep a record of all access to on-demand events. For mandatory viewing of presentations, recording keeping is essential.
Quiz/survey results. These reports assist a manager and presenter to measure the effectiveness of their content by providing comparative data Instructors use the quiz results to monitor the progress of individuals or groups of students. Instructors also can review any anomalies with the actual quiz. Survey results can provide valuable audience feedback to your presentation.
For ‘Invite’ users, these reports pertain only to the sessions that they have created, not for the whole department. The Inviter may need to monitor who has completed which lesson. Management of completion is necessary to understanding the progress of the lessons. Reports have easy to read layout to quickly show any viewers falling behind in the course work.
Manage - User Management
Add/edit/view user account information. Check users' profiles.
Disable user accounts Remove users when necessary.
Assign permission levels to each user. Assign particular permission levels to your users.
Manage - Department Management
For 'Administrators' only. Each web conference administrator can divide up access to the portal into departments and assign managers to each department. Departments provide logical boundaries so that content and schedules are not mixed between departments. Without buying additional licenses the Administrator can use the application to assign multiple managers (and other users) to application. The Administrator can always monitor activity and reports for all the managers.
Purchase Blocks of Time for Live Events Prepay the amount of time to use. Use as necessary. No need to purchase extra seats that could remain empty.
View reports on amount of time used See how quickly or slowly your employees are using the time. Helps with budgeting for future use.
Submit requests for additional hours Easily manage your account and the amount of time you need.
Manage how the hours are allocated between departments. Hours may be allotted to each department or the Administrator may decide that all departments will share a general pool of hours. You decide how to allocate the hours to your employees and/or departments.


Ensure that only authorized people view, create, deliver and/or manage presentation content. You have the ability to mix different permission levels depending upon your needs.

Only those to whom you assign specific permissions are able to invite users to participate in your on-demand or live presentations.

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