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Can you give me an overview of your e-learning system? 
We provide a web-base application that allows you to conduct and manage training sessions and general presentation. While online with this application you can choose a PowerPoint® (.PPT) file or an Acrobat® (.PDF) file from your computer then see a thumbnail version of that presentation on line. While in the thumbnail view you can insert assets including Images, URLs, Surveys and Assessments. (Animation, Application Demonstrations and other web based materials may also be inserted with a little assistance from us.) You can then offer the presentation as a live session or on-demand session to the people on your invitation list. Automatic reports list all access times, quiz scores, survey results. All access for administrators and users is gained through a custom secure portal requiring a unique username and password. For more information we suggest you watch our Quick Overview^Back To Top

Does the manager of the application or user visiting a presentation need any special software or plug-ins? 
No, nothing is required other than an approved web browser and a connection to the internet. Our application does not require anyone to download any special plug-ins or software. As long as the administrator or user can access the Internet they will be able to view a presentation. If the presentation contains Flash animation, video or specific audio files then the user would need the appropriate components to see or hear the files. ^Back To Top

Do I need to buy licenses to use your on-line application? 
No. Live sessions do not require that you purchase seats or licenses. Instead you purchase block of time and the time is deducted from your account as you use it. This gives you the most flexibility in the use of the system. If you need to do a live presentation to 50 people instead of the 10 that you normally participate, you don’t have to purchase any additional seats or licenses. You need only to have enough hours available for your event. ^Back To Top

Does the Live Presentation come directly from my computer? 
No. You load your presentation up on the server. The live presentations are delivered directly from the server. So if you lose your connection to the internet or if your system locks up during a live event, you can continue to present by having another Presenter or PMCC Tech Support advance your presentation until you are able take control again.  ^Back To Top

How do I create content for a presentation? 
Most people use PowerPoint or Acrobat to create content. Once you have a presentation file complete, you can select that (.PPT or .PDF) file, while you are in your secure portal, and our system will automatically prepare the file for your authorized users to see via the Internet. ^Back To Top

Can I create my presentation in something other than PowerPoint® or Acrobat®? 
Yes. Many other applications allow you to save your presentation as a .PPT or to print them to a .PDF file. You can do either of these and then upload the presentation directly to your Presentation Library on the server. ^Back To Top

How do I add quizzes, tests or survey? 
Once your presentation is on our server you'll see a thumbnail view of all your slides. Above each slide you have a drop down menu. Here you can select to insert a slide before or after the current slide you selected. When you decide to insert a slide you can choose to insert a quiz or survey. When you click on this option you'll see a screen appear that allows you to build custom quizzes and surveys. ^Back To Top

How do I modify my slides after they have been uploaded? 
In order to insure that you always have a master source file, we encourage users to make modifications in their master file and then simply re-upload the base presentation. In addition to having the ability to insert URLs, Surveys and Assessments, you can also insert single images. You can make a single slide into an image and upload that image; however we strongly suggest that you maintain your master file. You can download the source file originally used to create the base presentation. ^Back To Top

What happens to my online assets (URLs, Images, Assessments etc) if I re-upload my presentation? 
All assets added are saved and pushed to the end of the presentation. Because the system does not know what you might have intended you will need to simply put them back in the proper position after re-uploading your presentation. We do suggest that users incorporate place holders into their presentations, but this is not required. ^Back To Top

Can I create on-demand presentation with audio? 
Yes. You need to record your own voice over track then edit the file into individual "segments". One segment for each slide. Once the presentation is on our server, you browse for the appropriate audio file to attach it to the slide. ^Back To Top

Can I use my MacIntosh Computer with this hosted application? 
This applications support most recent Windows based web browsers and a number of web browsers running under other Operating Systems. Currently if you are running a MacOS, we highly recommend the Mozilla web browser. It can be downloaded for free from http://www.mozilla.org^Back To Top

Do you have issues with Firewalls? 
No. As long as you can see a website, you'll be able to see our application. The same goes for the Attendees. If they can see a web site, they will be able to see your presentation. ^Back To Top


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