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Training Management and Delivery System

Publ-x e-Learning with Web Conferencing

Publ-x e-learning with Web Conferencing is an online application that allows you to deliver and manage all aspects of your training. Because this is an online application you have nothing to download or install and it's firewall friendly. To understand how the application works use the diagram below. Essentially the application is divided into five features: Library, Manage, Invite, Deliver and Reports. See the Quick Overview for more information.

  • Library: Allows you to upload content and store in your online. Once your content is in the library you can create and insert surveys, tests, links to live web sites and graphics. You can also add audio files and text to each slide for on-demand modules.
  • Manage: Control all your users and assign permission levels. Also setup different departments and share or isolate content between departments.
  • Invite: The built in email tool allows you to easily create and manage groups of users and invite them to your sessions
  • Deliver: Live presentations are delivered directly from the server. Individuals have access to on-demand modules at their convenience. Live sessions do not require that you purchase seats or licenses. Instead you purchase a block of time and then time is deducted from your account as you use time
  • Reports: In the end, you have instant access to full reports regarding assessments and survey results for individuals or groups
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